Where can I find the Om Fairy studio?

The Om Fairy studio is located inside of Dimensions in Health at 1836 Hamilton Avenue on the border of Campbell and Willow Glen, CA.

Dimensions in Health houses a number of holistic healthcare professionals' offices. The Om Fairy studio is located in the southwest corner of the building, so simply enter through the front door, walk through the hallway, and turn right at the painting of the koi fish, and left to find the door with the Om Fairy sign on it. If you are not running late, it is quite likely Courtney will greet you in the lobby.

Do I need to sign up in advance?

Yes. Whether you are attending a weekly class, a series, a workshop, or a private session, you do need to reserve your spot in advance. The Om Fairy studio is an intimate space that hosts a small amount of people for each session we offer so you get plenty of attention in your yoga practice. In addition to ensuring you have reserved a space for your practice, knowing ahead of time that you are coming allows me to ensure all of your preferred props, mat, and infused water is set out for you.

Do I need to bring anything to my session?

Yourself! The Om Fairy studio is fully stocked with mats, yoga towels, your choice of filtered or infused water in a personal, glass container, and all of the props you could want. Simply show up!

Are there changing rooms at the Om Fairy studio?

The Om Fairy studio does not have changing rooms, but there are both ladies and mens restrooms that have enough room for you to change. 

What can I expect from a semi-private class or workshop at the Om Fairy studio?

The Om Fairy studio is a warm, inviting space that encourages you to explore your yoga practice, embracing the playfulness and creativity, the sense of calm and the sense of joy that exists within you and within this practice. Expect to arrive in a studio that is fully set up for you and one to three additional people depending on the type of class or workshop. While still a group class, the smaller number of students allows me to provide much more attention to each individual, offering modifications to support your practice, as well as plenty of time after the session to discuss questions or observations from your practice.

What can I expect in a private session?

In a one-on-one private session, the yoga practice is guided by your needs and your goals. In our first session we will talk about what you want to gain from your sessions, and I will gather information from your completed intake form to craft a yoga practice to fit your needs. As we move through the session, we'll communicate a lot about what you are feeling, what works, and what doesn't work so that each session builds on your last. Depending on your goals, I will likely follow up with videos filmed specifically for you to help you further your practice between sessions.


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