Policies, Terms, & Conditions at the Om Fairy studio

Cancellation & Refunds

We understand that things arise and sometimes it is necessary to cancel a reservation you have made for a private session or semi-private class. If you need to cancel a reservation, simply email info@omfairy.com. Reservations cancelled 48 hours prior to the class, session, or workshop will be refunded in full. If you cannot make it to a reserved semi-private class and it is within 48 hours, you will not receive a refund, but you may offer your space to someone else. That person must abide by all Om Fairy studio policies, terms & conditions.
Private sessions will abide by the terms of their contract and are not transferrable.


Late Policy

For private sessions, we will get started upon your arrival, and the session will still end at the scheduled time.
For semi-private classes, please make all efforts to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early so you can enjoy a little time to center yourself before class.
If you are late, please ensure before you enter the room that you have silenced your phone and any other smart devices completely (vibration off as well as ringer). Please remove your shoes before entering the room and quietly stow your belongings in the cubby. If you are late, please do not bring your own mat. A Manduka pro mat, towel, and props will be laid out for you to ensure there is the least disturbance to other students upon your entry into the room. Please take the time for yourself to ground and center, taking a few deep breaths in savasana, a seated pose, or child’s pose, before joining the rest of the group.
For some semi-private classes and sessions, it may be noted that there is no late entry. This will be clearly noted in the description of the class or event, and it will be enforced. This is necessary with some modalities to ensure the nervous system does not receive a shock from unexpected noises.


Leaving Early

Please intend on staying through the end of the semi-private class, including savasana. Ask yourself if it is really necessary that you leave 5 or 10 minutes early, and would it not be equally as okay to arrive at the next place 5 or 10 minutes late… because that’s the question I’m going to ask you if you ask to leave early! In all seriousness, leaving early disturbs others in the class, and even if savasana seems like you are simply laying there doing nothing, there’s a lot that can be learned from that simple pose.
If you need to cut your private session short, let me know at the beginning of the session so we can pace the practice accordingly.


Cell Phones, Smart Watches, and Other Buzzing Gadgets

Please ensure you have silenced all gadgets, including their vibration. While I love technology as much as you, and it’s wonderful that you are tracking your heart rate, calories burned, etc. when a phone or other device buzzes or rings, it causes changes in our nervous system, activating the sympathetic nervous system and at least subtly prompting us that we need to do something or respond. So be kind to yourself and everyone else in the room and turn off the devices.


Liability Release

All practitioners at the Om Fairy studio must sign the liability release form prior to class. View it here and either print, sign, and bring in, or sign a printed copy upon arrival at the studio. Please arrive a few minutes early if you need to sign the release.
Please note, there are no exceptions. If you have not signed the waiver, you will not be allowed to attend the class, workshop, or series you have signed up for.



Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio and store them in the cubbies provided.



Most of Om Fairy’s offerings are geared towards adults or mature teens with an interest in yoga. Unless otherwise noted, assume that classes, workshops, and series are for those 13 and older.
If you are interested in private sessions for your child, please feel free to reach out to me and we will discuss whether I am the right teacher, or I might be able to direct you to someone even better.
Please be certain to arrange for child care, and do not leave your child(ren) unattended in the lobby during your session or class.


Aerial Yoga & the Yoga Wheel

For sessions that use the aerial yoga hammock and the yoga wheel, safety is the number one priority. You will be guided on what to do and what not to do to ensure you minimize the risk of slipping, falling, unravelling and in general causing any harm to your body. This requires that you listen to instructions, follow instructions, and let me know if there is any fear or trepidation on your part so we can decide if it is best to proceed or change course. If instructions are not followed, I will end the session. Please note these yoga props also have a weight limit of 250 pounds, which is why the Om Fairy waiver does ask you to note your weight.
If you are participating in aerial yoga, please wear clothing that does not have any zippers so you do not snag or get caught in the fabric. Also be certain to remove all jewelry before getting in the aerial hammock, or leave it at home. I can provide a small tray or box for you to place your jewelry in so it is safe and by your side, but you will be asked to remove it.