June & July 2019
Thursday Evenings, 6 – 7:30 pm
Let Your Light Shine :: The Essence of Backbends


Dates for this series: June 27th, July 11th & 18th

Backbends provide a sense lightness and openness, leaving you exuding joy as if a spark has been lit from inside, ready to shine bright to the entire world. That is, if you’re body isn’t struggling to find its way into a posture. Backbends take more than just a supple spine. They require strength in the core and back muscles, as well as a balance of strength and flexibility in the arms, shoulder girdle, and hips for so many of the classic backbends.

Join me for this special three-week series where we will approach these postures with a balanced body and mind. We will ensure that not only are our muscles are warm and our bodies are tapping into their strength, but also that we have also properly released and relaxed our muscles, ensuring fresh blood flow to the areas that will work hard to bring us into each asana. Throughout the four weeks, we will explore variations of anjaneyasana, bridge, camel, bow, and wheel and we’ll dive into scorpion, thunderbolt, locust, and kapotasana, working with the minute movements that make a big difference in how these postures feel in your body.

Get ready to let your light shine!

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Class limited to 4 people. Please see studio policies below.

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In short:

  • Cancel your reservation for a series 48 hours prior to the start of the first session to receive a full refund. This allows me to hopefully fill your spot.
  • A liability release form must be completed prior to participating in your first session. No exceptions. Please review before reserving your spot.
  • The standard late policy applies to this session. Please review as it is slightly different from other studios.
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  • Place all phones & other smart gadgets on silent/no vibration. Stow phones in the cubbies, along with personal belongings and shoes.
  • Aerial yoga and wheel yoga have special considerations. Please read the full set of Policies for details.