Sun, Jul 14th
3 – 6 pm
Soul-Care for the Seasons: Summer


Class limited to 5 people. Please see studio policies below.

How do you thrive and bask in the light of summer? In this 3-hour workshop, Courtney will share a slow flowing yoga practice and meditation designed to release heat and bring coolness and calm to the body and mind. After our practice we will enjoy light snacks suited for the season as we talk about the ayurvedic approach to food and self-care practices that support you best during this season of pitta. We will also look ahead at practices you can incorporate now to not only aid in helping you feel your best during the summer season, but also to prepare for the change of seasons ahead as we transition to vata season. You will leave with tools and recipes that support your health, radiance, and sense of vitality.

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Please see the full set of Policies, Terms & Conditions here.

In short:

  • Cancel your reservation 48 hours prior to the start of the session to receive a full refund. This allows me to hopefully fill your spot.
  • A liability release form must be completed prior to participating in your first session. No exceptions. Please review before reserving your spot.
  • The standard late policy applies to this session. Please review as it is slightly different from other studios.
  • Plan on staying for the entire session. Leaving early disturbs other participants.
  • Place all phones & other smart gadgets on silent/no vibration. Stow phones in the cubbies, along with personal belongings and shoes.
  • Aerial yoga and wheel yoga have special considerations. Please read the full set of Policies for details.